Finding the Perfect Fishing Adventure

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Going on a fishing adventure can be an awesome trip for you and your family or friends. It can seem easy enough to just go fishing anywhere but going on a truly amazing fishing trip can really create an amazing experience.

The ideal fishing adventure will take you somewhere exotic and provide you the tools that you need to fish. A guide will take you through the lake and help you and your friends enjoy a fishing and fun on the open lake.

To book an amazing fishing adventure today visit

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Summer Vacation Destination


Lake Texoma: A Summer Retreat

Summer is finally here! Now is the perfect time to take family vacations, a fishing trip with friends, or relax on the beautiful shores of Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma is the ultimate summer destination. Considered one of the tenth largest lake in the U.S., Lake Texoma is lined with miles of white sandy beaches providing fun for all ages. The lake is home to fishing hot spots, boating activities, and more.

Dine at Pampano’s Waterfront Bar & Grill at the Highport Marina or enjoy a round of golf at one of Lake Texoma’s golf courses. Go for a ride on the Lake Texoma Belle Paddlewheel boat or catch striper fish with a guide from Adventure Texoma Outdoors.

Whatever you choose to do you will have an exciting and memorable trip at Lake Texoma.


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Memorial Day Adventures


What better way to celebrate a long weekend than relaxing lakeside fishing with close friends and family?

Lake Texoma is the one of the largest lakes in the United States and an ideal spot to spend a relaxing vacation. Lined with white sandy beaches and beautiful trees spend your afternoons having a picnic by the water or relax in the sun.  Situated next to two state parks and wildlife refuges, it’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors and be one with nature.

In the spirit of Memorial Day visit President Eisenhower’s birthplace or Fort Washita, a civil war fort. Don’t forget to participate in Lake Texoma’s most known attraction, striper fishing. Lake Texoma Adventures offers incredible fishing experts to guide you and show you the ropes while you’re fishing.

To book your vacation now, visit Adventure Texoma Outdoors today!

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Striper Fishing 101


Never been Striper fishing before? Here are a few tips on what to do during your first Striper fishing adventure:

  • Embrace Quiet – get up and to the lake early or head in during the late afternoon into the evening. Stripers tend to be more active when the world is still quiet. When the lake isn’t cluttered with many fisherman is the opportune time to reel in your big catch.
  • Live Bait – consider using live bait. Stripers have been able to differentiate between artificial bait and live bait, with live bait always being more successful in catches.
  • Patience is a virtue – sometimes you’ll cast a line and nothing will happen for hours, but you can catch a fish when you least expect it. So have some patience and wait for that great catch.
  • Be quick on your feet – stripers swim quickly, reel them in as soon as you feel that tug or they could get away.

The perfect place to start your striper fishing hobby is at the beautiful Lake Texoma. To book a fishing guide call 903-814-5566.

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Plan Your Next Family Vacation


Warmer months are on the way which means it is time to plan out summer vacations with friends and family.

Lake Texoma is the perfect spot for water-lovers, from fishing for Striper fish to boating, Adventure Texoma Outdoors has everything for your outdoor vacation needs. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time with your loved ones on the water and breathing in the fresh air.

Right in the heart of the south, Lake Texoma sits on the border of Oklahoma and Texas and only hours from major city destinations of Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Lake Texoma provides guided fish tours and guarantees that you will catch a fish or your next trip is free.

Book your summer vacation today by calling 903.814.5566

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How to Cast


Want to cast like a pro? Remember practice makes perfect and soon enough you’ll be casting effectively and reeling in fish! To ensure a great cast every time, start by lowering your lure about halfway between the tip of the rod and the reel. On a spinning reel, flip the bail open and hold the fishing line using your preferred hand. Take hold of the lure with the other hand.

Before casting out your line, draw down the tip of the rod pulling the lure back towards your chest. Take aim, looking straight down your fishing rod. Release the lure as well as the line you are holding with your finger. As the line comes off the spool, the lure will help move it forward, out into the water. Reel back in the excess line. Now all you have to do is grab a seat and wait for the fish to start biting!

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the Outdoor Man


Valentine’s Date for the Outdoor Man

February 14th places a lot of pressure on the man in the relationship. Switch it up this year by planning the perfect outing for him. Here is a guide fit for the guy who loves the great outdoors.
Golfing- Plan a day where your guy can hit the links. Go with him to have a couples day where you can both participate in the fun. Not an avid golfer yourself? Have fun with some mini-golf.
Fishing Trip- A relaxing day on the water is what your man might need to unwind. A guided fishing trip can be perfect since your guy can fish while a guide help if you are new to the world of fishing.
Hiking- Spend the day exploring the wilderness with a local hike. Don’t forget to pack a delicious lunch for a romantic picnic stop along the way.
At Lake Texoma, there is a fishing guide that is perfect for a romantic day on the water. Schedule your trip with Adventure Texoma today.

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Cold Water Fishing


All fishers know that when it comes to the cold season, it gets hard and harder to get a bite on the line. That does not mean you have to hang up your rods for the season which is why we have provided a few tips to help you with your winter fishing

Stick to fishing lower or higher water. Fish like bass tend to stick to shallow water for food or head into the lower water. If the water is clear, stick to deeper water and shallow water when it is murky as bass will use dirty water as camouflage. Fish slow as to not startle the fish and use bait that will move slowly in the water.

Rather than struggle, seek the assistance of a professional angler. Texas residents can look to Captain John Blasingame at Adventure Texoma Oudoors.

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