Striper Fishing 101


Never been Striper fishing before? Here are a few tips on what to do during your first Striper fishing adventure:

  • Embrace Quiet – get up and to the lake early or head in during the late afternoon into the evening. Stripers tend to be more active when the world is still quiet. When the lake isn’t cluttered with many fisherman is the opportune time to reel in your big catch.
  • Live Bait – consider using live bait. Stripers have been able to differentiate between artificial bait and live bait, with live bait always being more successful in catches.
  • Patience is a virtue – sometimes you’ll cast a line and nothing will happen for hours, but you can catch a fish when you least expect it. So have some patience and wait for that great catch.
  • Be quick on your feet – stripers swim quickly, reel them in as soon as you feel that tug or they could get away.

The perfect place to start your striper fishing hobby is at the beautiful Lake Texoma. To book a fishing guide call 903-814-5566.

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